Hall Hire

Ad-hoc lettings: At the present time we are unable to rent our halls on an ad-hoc basis due to the Coronavirus situation, but will be reviewing this on a periodic basis. We will be happy to discuss ad-hoc hall lettings when we are able to re-let.

Regular lettings: We have many regular renters and groups who we are looking forward to welcoming back and some of you have already had conversations with us and measured up for your activities, some of you have managed to return for a few months in-between lockdowns. If you need to discuss distances, table sizes, cleaning, please just get in touch. We have a risk assessment that we are sharing with all our regular lets and look forward to everyone staying safe. Please pay attention to the signs and directions which include information about which toilet cubicles to use for your group.

Halls of various sizes are usually available for ad-hoc hire or regular hire, at present we are prioritising our existing regular hirers. Christ Church is ‘home’ to a number of regular classes and clubs. For room capacity and more details please email lettings@ccpw.org.uk  where we will aim to get back to you promptly within a day or so, or you can also call on 0770 703 8682 which is a number that is checked each Friday.

Facilities include access to fully equipped kitchens, regular sized tables or tables suitable for small children. Rooms range in size.

    • The Lounge: a carpeted cosy room, suitable for twenty five people sitting or more if standing – ideal for training sessions, small groups or to have a chat, easy access to a disabled toilet
    • Dimensions of useable space: 4.9m + 7.6m plus 5.5m x 5.6m = 68 square metres

    • The Marlborough Hall – a hardwood medium sized hall, suitable for parties or small sports or fitness events, hatch to kitchen.
    • Dimensions: 12.2m x 6.1m = 74.4 square metres

    • The Kingsbury Hall – a large hall with sports style floor, with a high roof suitable for indoor parties and sports.
    • Dimensions of usable space: 16.2m x 10m = 162 square metres (there is a small extra space under the stage overhang which is not included in this dimension as it is not usable space)
    • See the video of the Kingsbury Hall here

  • Sanctuary – this space is not normally rented out but for special events and charity concerts we will make exceptional decisions. As part of our mission is to support the local community and the needs of the wider world, using this amazing space to further good in the world is always a consideration.

We have a range of equipment including:

Picture Description
  We have a large number of complementary red and grey chairs. These were newly purchased in 2019 so are fresh and modern and suit meetings, learning or general gatherings
Flip chart – please ask us if you need to use this. There may be the option to buy paper from us or bring your own.
Craft table: We have a number of adult craft tables available in all of the rooms. White cornered craft tables are 182.5cm x 69cm and black cornered craft tables are 182cm x 61cm.
This Grand Piano was recently gifted to the church to replace one that did not have such a good sound, this piano has an amazing sound and has now graced a few concerts at Christ Church to much acclaim at both the instrument and the artist.
  We have some small tables that suit younger children, with matching small chairs. The tables are typically suitable for children aged 2 – 9. The tables are 61cm x 121cm.
      The kitchen here has a hatch to the Marlborough hall, or can be used for the Kingsbury Hall as it is also in close proximity to the rear doors to that hall. A modern range cooker enables heating up of party food and cooking for events.