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Christ Church book club


Christ Church has gone online for our Book Club but we plan to start meeting again in person from 7th of June 2021, subject to Government guidelines. We meet on the first Monday of the month at 8pm. We read one book a month and have a time of discussion. We enjoy reading a number of different genres of books and enjoy our time together.


May Book club will be on the 7th of June at 8pm in the Lounge (subject to restrictions). We will be looking at Why I’m no longer talk to white people about race, Reni Eddo-Lodge. Exploring everything from eradicated black history to the ¬†inextricable link between class and race, Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race is the essential handbook for anyone who want to understand race relations in Britain today.


All are welcome.

If you would like anymore information or to join the group,  please contact us on