Christ Church URC youth put their culinary skills to the test in a bake-off on Sunday 9th of February. There were four teams signed up for the challenge, two full of girls and the other two full of boys.

   Judges, supervisors and spectators were in for delightful treats.

Meet the judges Val and Mary…hard at work.

The recipes assigned to each group were for either making cupcakes or shortbread biscuits. Contestants had so much fun taking care to impress the judges with colourful, tasty, well topped cupcakes and biscuits.

Icing, smarties, jelly tots and mini marshmallows beautifully decorated each groups master pieces. Biscuits were finely shaped into hearts, elephants, horse and human figures.

Laughter filled the kitchen, compliments were expressed as judges and guests enjoyed the fabulous treats.

The afternoon was a huge success, with everyone enjoying not only the deliciously baked goods but also the joyous atmosphere.

By Caden Sucu