Church of Youth

has started

the next CoY is on

8th November 2020

We will be running CoY every

Second and Third Sunday of the Month



The next Church of Youth will be on 8th November

We are therefore asking you to book a place for your family via EVENTBRITE before Thursday at 5pm

from the 2nd Nov

the link will be published here in due course

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact the leaders at

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

We have put a number of things in place to make this possible that I would like to share with you.

Entrance procedure into the church will be the same as for everyone else? 

Please wear a mask to church, the only exceptions are those stated by the government. The only time our masks can be removed are for those singing and those reading/prayers/preaching once they are at the lectern.

On entry please sanitise your hands at the sanitation table in the entrance. If you have forgotten a mask there will be one in the entrance for you on the table.

If you need to enter through the disabled access door, please notify the steward on duty and they will make sure that the doorway is cleared for you to enter.


QR Code, if you have a smartphone there is a notice on the registration table of the church with the QR code. Please feel free to scan the code and register your presence.

In the body of the church there is a registration table where we ask you to write your name and contact number whether or not you have used the QR Code we still ask you to fill in our form. We are required to be able to track and trace everyone attending the service. Please bring your own pen (we do have spares if you forget).

How long will the children stay in the service?

We will have a welcome, a prayer and a hymn and the CoY will be asked to go to CoY during the first hymn.

You will be asked to leave via the Willet Way transept door and to walk around to the Kingsbury, Marlborough and Lounge depending on which class you will be attending.

As the services are now only half an hour the children will have 20-25 min of CoY.

The set up?

There will be a number of changes to make the environment COVID safe.

Each CoY group will have ‘family tables’ already set up for you when you arrive. The tables will ensure social distancing. Each family table will have all its own crafts and materials that will have been in quarantine to ensure they are safe to use.

This will mean that each family table will need an accompanying parent/family member/someone in the family bubble to sit with them. Where there are families with children that span two groups with only one parent/carer please accompany the younger child.

The leader will share the story for the day and also show you the craft, we will ask that the family member helps their child/children to complete the craft.

New booking system and email?

We need to know numbers in advance to prepare the space and ensure that we can accommodate everyone in the best space/configuration possible. This will mean knowing our numbers in advance for craft preparation/craft quarantine as well.

We are therefore asking you to book a place for your family via EVENTBRITE before the Thursday 5pm on the week of CoY.

You will be sent a link to the EVENT and book a FREE ticket to CoY. There are three classes specified for each CoY.

We also have a new email to correspond with us about booking and any issues and concerns all the leaders now have access to this email address.

We will have three classes for CoY. While we are having building works in the church building we will need to use the spaces available that are not part of the building site, therefore for now: –

BEGINNERS (3 – 5yrs) in the Marlborough Hall with a max of 8

JUNIORS (6 – 10yrs) in the Kingsbury Hall with a max of 6

SENIORS (11up, secondary school) in the lounge with a max of 6


A reminder re YouTube?

We are streaming all our services live onto YouTube. If you do not want your child/children on YouTube please sit in one of our ‘three safe zones’ which are free of filming, namely:-

  1. The Gallery

  2. The last two back pews

  3. The Willet Way Transept

These areas are clearly marked.


The two toilets in the entrance of the church are available for use in emergencies. We ask you to sanitise once you have used them.

We do hope you are able to appreciate that these changes are being made to make CoY as safe as possible. We are so looking forward to starting up again and are delighted so many of the families have asked us to make this possible. Thank you for your encouragement and support.


Nadene and the CoY Leaders

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